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Ser & Associates, PLLC

A Business Solution to Legal Services

Ser & Associates, PLLC

Ser & Associates is a law firm that represents clinical research sites.  Ser & Associates has over a decade of experience assisting clinical reseach sites negotiate clinical trial agreements, data use agreements, service agreements, facility use agreements, and other clinical research related agreements. In addition to clincial research related matters, Ser & Associates also provides legal counsel to clincial reseach sites related to other operational matters, such as corporate governance, leasing, employment matters, real estate, succession planning, intellectual property, litigation, and mergers & acquisitions.  


  • Ser & Associates, PLLC
    801 Monterey Street, Suite 204
    Coral Gables, Florida 33134
    United States
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  • Last UpdatedMay 22, 2023 4:53pm EDT