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Advarra advances the way clinical research is conducted: bringing life sciences companies, CROs, research sites, investigators, and academia together at the intersection of safety, technology, and collaboration. With trusted IRB and IBC review solutions, innovative technologies, experienced consultants, and deep-seated connections across the industry, Advarra provides integrated solutions that safeguard trial participants, empower clinical sites, ensure compliance, and optimize research performance. Advarra is advancing clinical trials to make them safer, smarter, and faster. For more information, visit advarra.com. 


  • OnCore CTMS

    Gain visibility into all aspects of your research operations with a comprehensive, proven, and standardized clinical trial management system built through collaboration with leading academic medical centers and cancer centers.

    More Information » www.advarra.com/solutions-for/clinical-trial-sites...

  • Clinical Conductor CTMS

    Clinical Conductor is a comprehensive Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), scalable to optimize finances, regulatory compliance, and overall clinical research operations for all types of research sites, site networks, hospitals, and health systems.

    More Information » www.advarra.com/solutions-for/clinical-trial-sites...

  • Advarra eReg

    Think beyond the binder. Save money, improve efficiency, and enhance regulatory compliance across your organization with a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant system designed to adapt to regulatory workflows for any size research site.

    More Information » www.advarra.com/solutions-for/clinical-trial-sites...

  • Longboat Unified Trial Acceleration Platform

    Centralize research operations within Longboat globally for all sites, sponsors, and contract research organizations (CROs) to accelerate study startup, guide efficient and compliant study conduct, enhance patient outcomes, and streamline critical coordination.

    More Information » www.advarra.com/solutions-for/sponsors-cros/longbo...

  • Independent Review Committees for Safety and Compliance

    Clinical research involving human participants typically involves some type of risk. Incorporating the appropriate ethics reviews and safety oversight helps ensure stakeholder safety, data integrity, and regulatory compliance. Includes IRB, IBC, DMC, and EAC.

    More Information » www.advarra.com/review-services

  • Advarra Consulting

    Our team of Advarra Consulting experts prioritizes your unique goals, challenges, and timelines. We work collaboratively with your research and development team to accelerate product development and performance, making clinical research safer, smarter, and faster.

    More Information » www.advarra.com/consulting-services

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