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Regulatory Software That Puts You In Control


Clinical.ly provides differentiated technological solutions to the clinical research industry, helping research facilities focus on conducting studies as efficiently as possible. We’re working hard to provide modern, intuitive software that frees up resources and reduces headaches. As trials keep evolving in complexity, it is becoming more apparent that the same old procedures aren’t keeping up. Inspection findings are much more costly than adopting the right technology, procedures and best practices.

The clinical trials industry is ready for better tools to help stay ahead of the evolving demands of sponsors and regulators.

We work closely with clinical trials facilities to understand their SOPs and provide solutions to help address their nuanced needs. By integrating your proprietary workflows, we help remove barriers to adoption and help you focus on your primary responsibilities. Free your medical staff to focus on the jobs you hired them to do.

eRegBinder by Clinical.ly is a purpose-built solution designed to help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements in clinical trials. The system reduces mistakes by tracking required documents, signatures, and timelines, as well as offering automatic alerts on missing data. With electronic delegation and training logs, and remote monitoring access your time spent on regulatory compliance is minimized, helping you avoid spending employee time on fixing mistakes, omissions or missing information. 


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