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C6 Patient Recruitment

Site Customized. Patient Centric.

C6 Patient Recruitment

C6 is a marketing firm that believes recruitment campaigns should be as unique as the sites they serve, not one size fits all. So we take a site branded and customized approach to solving local recruitment challenges in clinical research.

C6 makes it easy and empowers sites to be successful with local advertising and lead generation. We incorporate a shared risk business model that aligns our interests with our clients, and we provide operational and technology resources to help sites outsource and automate lead management workflows. 


  • Pay-per-Candidate, Site Customized Campaigns


    C6 recognizes that effective clinical trial recruitment requires an approach tailored to each research site and their community. Our site-branded, locally targeted digital campaigns build local brand awareness and patient trust by creating interest with your unique enrollment needs.


    C6 provides the recruitment technology, operations, and marketing expertise for sites that need efficient and scalable conversion and recruitment rates.


    Our flexible solutions deliver:

    • Site-customized, locally targeted, recruitment marketing and lead generation.
    • Technology and operations for effective lead management and enrollment.
    • Shared-risk pricing that aligns our interests with no fixed fees or guarantees.
    • Flexible pacing of lead deliveries and can cancel campaigns at any time.

Web Site: c6marketing.com