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Connecting Healthcare and Clinical Research


  • BlueCloud® Professional Account

    Healthcare and research professionals can create their personal BlueCloud® accounts to track and “opt-In” to share their professional, experience and training (PET) records — such as resumes, licensure, certifications and training credentials — with network organizations.

    The BlueCloud® even sends record expiration alerts to ensure compliance and track PET records 24/7.

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    BlueCloud® Professional Account
  • BlueCloud® Directories

    BlueCloud® Professional Directories are online permission-based, shareable regulatory and quality management systems designed for healthcare and clinical research organizations.

    These collaborative directories allow organizations to maintain organized, verified professional, experience and training records (e.g., resumes, job descriptions, licenses, training, education and certifications documentation) between departments at the local level as required by regulatory agencies.  Hospitals, universities, investigator sites, sponsors, institutional review boards, clinical research organizations, government and other management organizations can then securely exchange professional records using BlueCloud® Connection’s permission-based network.

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    BlueCloud® Directories
  • BlueCloud® Education Network

    TheBlueCloud® Education Network is a B2B global collaborative marketplace where private, shareable libraries of education, training and certification programs can be created and shared among healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. The Education Network is an invaluable resource for regulators, academia, authors, trainers, educators, consultants, trademark/copyright holders, publishing houses and accrediting agencies.

    Simply view and choose subsidized and discounted training and educational programs from the most qualified providers around the world, including: NIH Stroke Scale, Rankin Scale mRS, Columbia Suicidality C-SSRS, Beck Depression Inventory®, Second Edition (BDI-II®), SCID, AIMS-BARS-mSAS-DISCUS, CDISC Standards, Multi-Therapy CME / CE Activities, Visual Health Information, Beckman Fugel Meyer Scale, VIP, POM, PASS, TUG, GCPs and many more.

    The ideal distribution vehicle for authors and educators, minimizing fraud and abuse by allowing use...
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    BlueCloud® Education Network
  • BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management System

    The BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management System documents and tracks healthcare education and training, allowing managers to:
    • develop private, public or shareable activities,
    • manage users,
    • control reporting online and off,
    • create, deliver and manage courses, modules, curricula, scales, questionnaires, standard operating procedures, protocol and project changes on demand,
    • automate version control and
    • track compliance challenges.

    Generic modules also can be created for private use or to share with other departments.

    BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management System is proven to save educators thousands of dollars in technology development, management, customer support and administrative and technology upgrades costs.

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    BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management Sy...
  • BlueCloud® Clinical Trial Learning Management System

    BlueCloud® Clinical Trial e-Learning Management Systems save clinical researchers, sponsors, universities and educators thousands of dollars in technology development, management, customer support and administrative costs by allowing them to:

    • develop evidence-based, private, protocol activities,
    • manage users and control reporting online and off,
    • develop, deliver and manage curricula, scales, modules, protocol changes on demand and
    • automate version control challenges..

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    BlueCloud® Clinical Trial Learning Mana...
  • BlueCloud® Purchasing Club

    BlueCloud®’s Purchasing Club offers discounts on thousands of products, services and specialties through a single-point ordering system via a collaborative network of healthcare and clinical research providers.

    Training and educational products, discounted business-to-business (B2B) medical supplies, medical equipment, business and liability insurance and more are offered at pre-negotiated prices with discounts ranging from 10% to 80%.

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    BlueCloud® Purchasing Club
  • BlueCloud® Surveys

    For healthcare and clinical research organizations, surveys are a vital part to providing valuable feedback directly from industry stakeholders. Asking the questions is the easy part. It’s getting the answers from busy healthcare professionals that is the challenge.

    BlueCloud® Surveys are custom-designed questionnaires focusing on healthcare and clinical research organizations that help our industry analyze and improve products, services and specialties.

    The BlueCloud® global network has close to a million members who are enthusiastic to complete online surveys, because they are incentivized for their participation. They can earn prizes and other rewards by completing surveys they are interested in, on their own time. BlueCloud® surveys help improve survey participation and your return on investment.

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    BlueCloud® Surveys
  • BlueCloud® CME-Management System (for Accrediting Vendors)

    The BlueCloud® Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) Management System saves accrediting providers hundreds of thousands of dollars in administrative, customer support, technology development and integration costs by allowing them to:

    • develop, manage and track the complete CME/CE process on demand and
    • track CE compliance assignments and information collected from accredited activities.

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    BlueCloud® CME-Management System (for A...
  • BlueCloud® e-Commerce Management System

    BlueCloud®’s Commercial e-Commerce Management System saves organizations thousands of dollars in bank fees and administrative, customer support, technology development, upgrades and integration costs.

    Created specifically for industry providers, this application:

    • delivers on-line products, services and specialties,
    • collects transnational payments from sales of activities, created and published by BlueCloud® Education Network members,
    • allows managers to create project bundles using on-line and enduring products, and
    • offers discount packages using customized codes to help organize individualized strategic marketing campaigns.

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    BlueCloud® e-Commerce Management System
  • BlueCloud® Customs Product Tracking

    BlueCloud®’s CustomsPoint is a patented import/export application that manages logistics for industry stakeholders when products are shipped transnationally.

    A vital part of the supply-chain process, this application saves organizations millions of dollars when managing and tracking the customs compliance process from cradle to grave.

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    BlueCloud® Customs Product Tracking