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4G Clinical

Bringing crucial medicines to those who need them, faster.

4G Clinical

4G Clinical is driven by a single purpose: bring crucial medicines to those who need them, faster. 4G Clinical believes that the way to accelerate clinical research is by disrupting the way trials are executed. That’s why we have revolutionized RTSM (randomization and trial supply management) and supply forecasting capabilities and services from the ground up.

4G Clinical is committed to helping sponsors and CROs follow the science, wherever it may lead, as quickly and as safely as we can. While we will not discover the next novel compound in the lab, we are doing our part by leveraging our extensive experience and technological innovations to bring speed and agility to clinical trials. 


  • Prancer RTSM

    Prancer RTSMⓇ supports everything from highly complex clinical trial designs to simple early phase trials and has the flexibility to scale your global supply strategy when the time is right. See how our leading Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solution can transform your next study.

    More Information » www.4gclinical.com/products/prancer-rtsm

  • Prancer RTSM Lite

    Prancer RTSMⓇ Lite takes the manual processes out of managing a high volume of simple studies. With centralized reporting, improved accuracy and the ability to scale when you see promising results, this core version of our powerful randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) solution sets your clinical trials up for success.

    More Information » www.4gclinical.com/prancer-rtsm-lite

  • Prancer RTSM Inventory Platform

    Prancer RTSMⓇ Inventory Platform provides transparency into how much drug will be needed to support ISTs so you can balance a high volume of requests in relation to your ongoing study demand.

    More Information » www.4gclinical.com/prancer-rtsm-inventory-platform

  • Prancer RTSM Rand-Only

    Prancer RTSMⓇ Rand-Only offers simplified patient tracking for studies that require randomization where inventory management is not a priority.

    More Information » www.4gclinical.com/prancer-rtsm-rand-only

  • 4C Supply?

    4C SupplyⓇ addresses the increased pressures on clinical supply professionals to minimize waste and avoid stock-outs as clinical trial complexity continues to rise.

    More Information » www.4gclinical.com/4c-supply


  • 4G Clinical
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