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Rick Greenfield

Rick Greenfield

REALTIME Software Solutions
San Antonio Texas
Timezone: America/Chicago

Rick owns and manages several businesses and/or business units: Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. and The Clinical Trial Team, LLC, Adaptix Clinical Solutions, and RealTime-CTMS. Developing and growing a business is the ultimate challenge that pulls from every resource the body and mind can offer. Rick believes that any successful business is guided by a combination of skill and luck. His goal is to continue to grow both personally and professionally for the better of his family, employees/co-workers/partners and his own well-being, in that order.  Rick further notes that a business will only be as good as the people it hires and the opportunities and respect that are given in return for their great service. Learn to effectively motivate and manage a workforce, and that workforce will lead you to success!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013
2:00pm - 2:30pm
3 Ideas for Site Operations Presenter
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RealTime SOMS Products
RealTime SOMS Products Registered
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RealTime Software Solutions, LLC
RealTime Software Solutions, LLC Administrator
RealTime-GlobalPAY Administrator


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