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  • MyVeeva for Patients
    Veeva Systems | Veeva SiteVault

    MyVeeva for Patients is a patient-centric portal to help clinical research sites conduct virtual visits and deliver a better patient experience. With capabilities for eConsent, virtual visits, ePRO, and patient adherence, My Veeva will make it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials. 

    MyVeeva for Patients
  • Veeva eConsent
    Veeva Systems | Veeva SiteVault

    Veeva eConsent is a new way of thinking about the consenting process for patients – and it’s free for sites. Break free from legacy tools and long paper documents. Give your patients access to a modern digital consent experience that fits into their daily lives. Use eConsent across all your studies to drive efficiency, quality, and provide better patient care. Veeva eConsent is fully validated by Veeva and supports compliance with HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and regional data privacy requirements.

    Veeva eConsent
  • Veeva SiteVault Free
    Veeva Systems | Veeva SiteVault

    Veeva SiteVault Free is a 100% free 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant eRegulatory application used by more than 500 clinical research sites across over 30 countries. SiteVault Free replaces paper binders and manual processes with capabilities such as electronic signatures, remote monitoring, certified copy workflows, and reporting. 

    Veeva SiteVault Free
  • Veeva SiteVault Enterprise
    Veeva Systems | Veeva SiteVault

    Veeva SiteVault Enterprise is a fully configurable eRegulatory system that reduces the administrative burden in clinical trials by simplifying the management of regulatory documents and processes across all studies. 

    Veeva SiteVault Enterprise
  • Audits and Gap Analysis
    Clinical Research Risk Professionals

    (QMS) Quality Management System Assessment

    Audits and Gap Analysis
  • Medix-Job Candidates
    Medix Clinical Research

    Candidates:  You need a partner in your job search who is dedicated to finding you the right opportunity to fit your skills and aspirations. Medix is committed to matching talent within the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology communities to achieve their professional goals.

    Medix-Job Candidates
  • RealTime-TEXT
    RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

    Take patient engagement to a whole new level with RealTime-TEXT. Improving patient retention while reducing no show rates will keep your research studies on track for success. Automated appointment reminders boost retention rates and enhance the patient experience.

  • RealTime-PAY
    RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

    Streamline your stipend payment process while providing your patients with a convenient payment card that’s easy to use.

  • RealTime-eDOCS
    RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

    Our industry-leading eRegulatory system, RealTime-eDOCS, is streamlining the way sites, sponsors and CROs manage regulatory documents electronically. Sites are now easily managing all of their study records while maintaining inspection readiness during the entire process.

  • RealTime-eSOURCE
    RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

    RealTime is a proven leader of advanced research information systems. RealTime-eSOURCE is no exception as it was built and tested by research site professionals. Additionally, our eSOURCE has more features, greater scalability, better support, and all at an affordable price.

  • RealTime-CTMS
    RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

    RealTime-CTMS is designed to provide quick and easy access to study or subject information utilizing simple and intuitive navigation. In most cases, needed information is only a few clicks away. RealTime-CTMS will guide you from study start-up to study close-out, and everything in between.

  • ConneX

    ConneX, the most personalized clinical trial travel solution, is designed specifically to meet the retention goals of global clinical trials. From simply setting up a ride, to full-service travel arrangements, ConneX provides peace of mind for patients, families, caregivers, sites, and sponsors.

    Greenphire understands the complexities of clinical trial travel, whether by protocol, therapeutic area or region. ConneX can be configured to meet the diverse needs of each participant, eliminating logistical restrictions or limitations.

  • Medix-Hire the Right Talent
    Medix Clinical Research

    In 2009, Medix’s Scientific Division was created to help teams in need find highly skilled and sought after talent in a wide range of scientific settings, including manufacturers, laboratories, biotechnology, pharma and medical device. As the numbers of registered clinical trials in America rose rapidly in the following years, Medix Clinical Research was founded in 2014 to service sites, sponsors and CROs of all shapes and sizes.

    As our expertise expanded, so did our service offerings. In 2015, Medix Clinical Research introduced client consulting, bringing a more personalized approach to the site experience by providing expert guidance. Through our consulting efforts, our team identified an urgent need for standardized training processes across research sites in order to develop a qualified workforce, leading to the creation of the first-ever Clinical Research Boot Camp – facilitated by Medix and powered by ACRP. This one-of-a-kind approach combines Medix’s...

    Medix Clinical Research
  • eClinicalGPS

    eClinicalGPS automates, streamlines, and accelerates global site payments, increasing overall site satisfaction. It also provides you with the cash flow transparency you need for more effective clinical trial forecasting, planning, tracking and quantitative assessment.

  • ClinCard

    ClinCard allows you to reimburse and notify your patients instantly. It simplifies the clinical trial payment process and maximizes overall participant satisfaction, giving you more time to focus on your research. Using ClinCard instead of cash, money orders, rewards and other reimbursement methods has been proven to reduce patient drop out.

    Research sites that use ClinCard see a cost and time savings within months of completing their implementation. ClinCard reduces administrative burden, eliminates errors and rework that come with manual processes and gives research team access to real-time, clean and accurate financial data for comprehensive reporting and visibility.

  • BlueCloud® Directories

    BlueCloud® Professional Directories are online permission-based, shareable regulatory and quality management systems designed for healthcare and clinical research organizations.

    These collaborative directories allow organizations to maintain organized, verified professional, experience and training records (e.g., resumes, job descriptions, licenses, training, education and certifications documentation) between departments at the local level as required by regulatory agencies.  Hospitals, universities, investigator sites, sponsors, institutional review boards, clinical research organizations, government and other management organizations can then securely exchange professional records using BlueCloud® Connection’s permission-based network.

    BlueCloud® Directories
  • BlueCloud® Purchasing Club

    BlueCloud®’s Purchasing Club offers discounts on thousands of products, services and specialties through a single-point ordering system via a collaborative network of healthcare and clinical research providers.

    Training and educational products, discounted business-to-business (B2B) medical supplies, medical equipment, business and liability insurance and more are offered at pre-negotiated prices with discounts ranging from 10% to 80%.

    BlueCloud® Purchasing Club
  • BlueCloud® Education Network

    TheBlueCloud® Education Network is a B2B global collaborative marketplace where private, shareable libraries of education, training and certification programs can be created and shared among healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. The Education Network is an invaluable resource for regulators, academia, authors, trainers, educators, consultants, trademark/copyright holders, publishing houses and accrediting agencies.

    Simply view and choose subsidized and discounted training and educational programs from the most qualified providers around the world, including: NIH Stroke Scale, Rankin Scale mRS, Columbia Suicidality C-SSRS, Beck Depression Inventory®, Second Edition (BDI-II®), SCID, AIMS-BARS-mSAS-DISCUS, CDISC Standards, Multi-Therapy CME / CE Activities, Visual Health Information, Beckman Fugel Meyer Scale, VIP, POM, PASS, TUG, GCPs and many more.

    The ideal distribution vehicle for authors and educators, minimizing fraud and abuse by allowing use...

    BlueCloud® Education Network
  • BlueCloud® Professional Account

    Healthcare and research professionals can create their personal BlueCloud® accounts to track and “opt-In” to share their professional, experience and training (PET) records — such as resumes, licensure, certifications and training credentials — with network organizations.

    The BlueCloud® even sends record expiration alerts to ensure compliance and track PET records 24/7.

    BlueCloud® Professional Account
  • BlueCloud® Customs Product Tracking

    BlueCloud®’s CustomsPoint is a patented import/export application that manages logistics for industry stakeholders when products are shipped transnationally.

    A vital part of the supply-chain process, this application saves organizations millions of dollars when managing and tracking the customs compliance process from cradle to grave.

    BlueCloud® Customs Product Tracking
  • BlueCloud® CME-Management System (for Accrediting Vendors)

    The BlueCloud® Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) Management System saves accrediting providers hundreds of thousands of dollars in administrative, customer support, technology development and integration costs by allowing them to:

    • develop, manage and track the complete CME/CE process on demand and
    • track CE compliance assignments and information collected from accredited activities.

    BlueCloud® CME-Management System (for A...
  • BlueCloud® e-Commerce Management System

    BlueCloud®’s Commercial e-Commerce Management System saves organizations thousands of dollars in bank fees and administrative, customer support, technology development, upgrades and integration costs.

    Created specifically for industry providers, this application:

    • delivers on-line products, services and specialties,
    • collects transnational payments from sales of activities, created and published by BlueCloud® Education Network members,
    • allows managers to create project bundles using on-line and enduring products, and
    • offers discount packages using customized codes to help organize individualized strategic marketing campaigns.

    BlueCloud® e-Commerce Management System
  • BlueCloud® Surveys

    For healthcare and clinical research organizations, surveys are a vital part to providing valuable feedback directly from industry stakeholders. Asking the questions is the easy part. It’s getting the answers from busy healthcare professionals that is the challenge.

    BlueCloud® Surveys are custom-designed questionnaires focusing on healthcare and clinical research organizations that help our industry analyze and improve products, services and specialties.

    The BlueCloud® global network has close to a million members who are enthusiastic to complete online surveys, because they are incentivized for their participation. They can earn prizes and other rewards by completing surveys they are interested in, on their own time. BlueCloud® surveys help improve survey participation and your return on investment.

    BlueCloud® Surveys
  • BlueCloud® Clinical Trial Learning Management System

    BlueCloud® Clinical Trial e-Learning Management Systems save clinical researchers, sponsors, universities and educators thousands of dollars in technology development, management, customer support and administrative costs by allowing them to:

    • develop evidence-based, private, protocol activities,
    • manage users and control reporting online and off,
    • develop, deliver and manage curricula, scales, modules, protocol changes on demand and
    • automate version control challenges..

    BlueCloud® Clinical Trial Learning Mana...
  • BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management System

    The BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management System documents and tracks healthcare education and training, allowing managers to:
    • develop private, public or shareable activities,
    • manage users,
    • control reporting online and off,
    • create, deliver and manage courses, modules, curricula, scales, questionnaires, standard operating procedures, protocol and project changes on demand,
    • automate version control and
    • track compliance challenges.

    Generic modules also can be created for private use or to share with other departments.

    BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management System is proven to save educators thousands of dollars in technology development, management, customer support and administrative and technology upgrades costs.

    BlueCloud® Staff Learning Management Sy...
  • SMART- Technology Solution

    BRANY's SMART system allows study sites to develop study budgets and conduct cost analyses utilizing pricing information stored within the database. Users can also manage and store regulatory documents.

    This easy-to-use, online solution allows investigators and research staff to:

    • Manage trial initiation, funding, and sponsor relations
    • Assist in contract and budget development
    • Handle accounting from start to finish, including holdback reconciliation
    • Track investigators, subjects, and trial progress

    The web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) also allows clients to track completed subject visits and study procedures, revenue, and accounts receivable..

  • Smart-Start-60: Guaranteed Site Start-up Within 60 Days

    • BRANY understands the importance of high quality, human subject research, and offers customized services to expedite the initiation of trials at any of our affiliate sites.
    • The 60-day program includes: budget development, contract negotiations, completion of regulatory documents (including ICF modifications), and IRB submission and review.
    • All of this, plus the convenience of a single-point of contact for rapid response and focused client support.
    • According to Kimberly Irvine, Executive Vice President, Operations for BRANY: “Smart-Start-60 is an essential tool for sponsors and CROs to keep trials on schedule. Every day a study does not get up and running, is another day of missed milestones with significant budget impact.”
    • On the occasion of the launch of Smart-Start-60, BRANY is offering new and returning clients an introductory rate.

  • Research Subject Payment Options

    BRANY has partnered with Greenphire (www.greenphire.com) to offer our sites options for subject payments. Greenphire provides innovative electronic payment and communication technology products and services to the clinical trials industry. Its team takes a service-driven approach to customizing, designing, implementing and supporting each ClinCard program. As a BRANY site, you will receive a 5% discount on the setup costs

  • Education and Training

    We offer several educational programs through the BRANY Institute for Research Education. Our instructors include experts in the fields of research compliance and IRB standards. Options available both at your site and online

    A choice of locations:

    • Courses are offered at the BRANY offices in Lake Success, NY. We will also present any BRANY course at your facility.
    • Who should take these classes? These classes are a must for any clinical research professional including principal investigators, research coordinators, research pharmacists, regulatory coordinators, and data managers who need to be familiar with the federal regulations, ethical guidelines, and processes involved in the conduct of human subject research.

    Programs are offered in the following areas:

    • Conducting Clinical Trials
    • IRB
    • Monitoring
    • Finance / Budgeting

    Selected BRANY Education programs are approved by the...

  • Clinical Trial Identification

    • We have relationships with leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and CROs. We provide a connection to those companies, and help you forge long-term relationships for ongoing business development opportunities.
    • For physicians and hospitals looking to build out clinical research activities, BRANY can help identify clinical research opportunities that match your research interest and staff expertise.

  • ClinEdge Marketing and Patient Engagement Services

    Our evocative marketing techniques are designed to increase patient engagement and market presence, while enabling your staff to remain focused on what matters most: excellence in research and patient care. We are always researching and applying the latest in marketing tactics and tools to stay ahead. Our experience within a wide variety of therapeutic areas give us the advantage of knowing what works and how to reach even the most specific patient pool.

    ClinEdge Marketing and Patient Engagemen...