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Simplifying financial aspects of clinical research and development


  • Software Subscription

    Clinical research professionals, Study teams, Investigators, Trial Sites, Institutions, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies can subscribe to the TrialValue App platform and use it to support project planning, study design, cost estimation and budgeting process.

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    Software Subscription
  • Cost estimation and Budget development


    • Cost estimation adviser/analyst can help prepare detailed costs estimates budget
    • Facilitates budget negotiations, cost analysis and financial control
    • Supports resource benchmarking and validation of costs and quotations

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    Cost estimation and Budget development
  • Advisory and Consulting

    We offer advice and assist clinical research teams, finance and procurement departments, investors and R&D management

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    Advisory and Consulting
  • Analytics

    We're developing a range of tools and approaches to provide insights, analysis and optimized cost models for clinical research

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  • License and customization

    TrialValue App PRO can be licensed to companies, trial sites, institutions and customized modules (as APIs) can be developed to meet specific requirements.

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    License and customization