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Nimblify, Inc.

Rethink Clinical Research Operations

Nimblify, Inc.

Nimblify, Inc. is a clinical trials technology company dedicated to improving trial outcomes by connecting stakeholders in clinical research in innovative ways. Nimblify created Participant Payments, a patient-centric payment system, and hosts Site Benchmarks, a free award-winning metrics and comparative analytics tool for sites. Nimblify also collaboratively and continuously develops Research Insights, a cloud-based analytics platform with actionable information, and hosts the Nimblify Marketplace, which provides business operations solutions for sites to save time, reduce costs and ensure quality. Spun out of Forte Research Systems in August 2015, Nimblify is a privately held company and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.


  • Participant Payments

    Manage stipend payments and travel reimbursements efficiently

    Nimblify’s automated payment system helps sites securely and immediately pay subjects after every visit. Empower each participant to be a decision-maker with their choice of reloadable debit card, direct deposit or check. Reduce administrative burden and improve operational efficiency by eliminating manual and time-consuming processes. Lower costs with pay-as-you-go pricing and no setup fees.

    More Information » nimblify.com/payments

    Participant Payments
  • Site Benchmarks

    Learn how your performance stacks up against peers

    Nimblify Site Benchmarks is a free, award-winning tool for research sites to compare their performance to other sites. The tool provides unique dashboards that help identify trends and monitor changes over time to ultimately drive process improvements and turn insight into action. Site Benchmarks uses a standardized set of site-driven metrics and provides visual snapshots of performance that can easily be shared with sponsors. 

    More Information » nimblify.com/analytics/benchmarks

    Site Benchmarks
  • Research Insights

    Gain actionable, strategic insights to improve operations

    Research Insights provides sophisticated, turnkey dashboards to help large research centers immediately answer complex research questions and uncover hidden, actionable insights. These easy-to-understand visualizations help identify trends, spot problem areas and ensure they are moving forward with the most accurate information available. 

    More Information » nimblify.com/analytics/research-insights

    Research Insights
  • Protocol Calendars

    Ensure quality and compliance with pre-built calendars

    Rather than having each site duplicate the effort of building a protocol calendar from scratch, Nimblify centrally builds a protocol calendar once so that all sites on a protocol can use it. Released through integration with the site CTMS, the calendar downloads immediately and generates subject-specific schedules to identify deviations and out-of-window study visits to ensure each patient gets his or her planned care and procedures.

    More Information » nimblify.com/marketplace/calendars

    Protocol Calendars
  • eCRFs

    Simplify electronic case report form creation with standardized forms

    Nimblify provides a form building service for institutions using Forte EDC. Nimblify’s depth of experience and centralized services reduce the resources needed at an institution to ensure timeliness, affordability and predictable quality. Delivering standardized eCRFs enables the immediate use of a form within Forte EDC, allowing subject data to be entered into a high quality form sooner.

    More Information » nimblify.com/marketplace/ecrfs

Web Site: www.nimblify.com 



  • Laura Hilty

    VP, Product Management
    United States