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Devana Solutions

Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Outcomes.

Devana Solutions

We connect the best Research Sites with Sponsors and CROs

Devana Solutions® is a SaaS provider driven by a core belief that information transparency and data analytics technology is the key to aligning top-performing Clinical Research Sites with drug sponsors and CROs in order to reduce drug costs and cure disease. Currently, reliable industry sources estimate that long clinical trial cycle times account for up to 90 percent of the cost to bring a new drug to market.

Devana Solutions® technology can help shrink clinical trial cycle time and cut drug development costs, leaving market forces to drive down the cost of prescription drugs. Clinical trial cost savings can then lead to a reallocation of capital toward even more research to cure disease.

IGNITE FOR SITES arms investigators and research sites with powerful data to win more study awards in less time. Use the technology to prove your therapeutic strengths and enrollment capabilities by easily reporting and displaying timing and performance metrics to CROs and sponsors.

Gain total transparency in understanding your site’s metrics – both good and bad – and use these centralized business analytics to help your site’s management team improve study performance.
Save valuable time for your site managers by centralizing and automating your contacts, pipeline and document administration to track study leads all the way through trial completion and close out.

Less Time. Better Metrics. More Awards. 


  • Devana Solutions

    Easy-to-Track Performance

    From trial lead to trial completion, Devana Solutions is proven to cut management time in half. Dashboards manage everything from trial pipeline, sponsor / CRO performance, indication performance, and even lead sources.

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    Devana Solutions


  • Devana Solutions
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  • Barry Lake

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Devana Solutions
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina