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eRegulatory and Document Management Platform for Clinical Research Sites


Complion is a flexible, enterprise platform that enables clinical research sites to centralize and manage regulatory and trial documentation across their institution. Complion removes walls between physicians, administrators and staff by intelligently providing secure access to the right document when they need it. Leading site,s hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and cancer centers around the country use Complion’s Part 11 platform to go streamline operations and improve regulatory compliance.


  • Texas Cardiology Research Department Transforms Document Access, Fuels Productivity

    How Complion Helped a Texas Cardiovascular Research Department Reach New Levels of Efficiency Case Study - STCC Feature Image.pngSouth Texas Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC (STCC) is a top performing, multi-site health system serving four different cardiology locations in the San Antonio area for over 20 years. Driven to uphold their reputation of providing exceptional patient care along with the highest standards in quality and accuracy, the STCC research department realized that their current paper-based process was slowing them down. They needed to improve the way they were managing regulatory documentation. So when they decided to look f... More »

    Texas Cardiology Research Department Tra...
  • CenterWatch: Regulatory Compliance an Increasing Burden on Sites

    Increased staff time, materials, storage eroding site operating profit The increasing number and complexity of clinical trials has impacted investigative sites in several key areas, including the need to pre-screen larger patient pools, collect more personalized data and perform more time-consuming and complex tasks related to regulatory compliance. While there is agreement that the regulatory compliance burden is high, few initiatives have been launched to measure the direct impact on sites, until now. In this feature article, CenterWatch shares the results of a one-of-a-kind assessment of over 160 investigative sites to understand the exten... More »

    CenterWatch: Regulatory Compliance an In...
  • More eRegulatory Experiences: Embracing a Paperless Process for Your Site

    Embracing a Paperless Process.pngWhile your research site may be working in the shadow of a growing mountain of paper documents and regulatory binders, the prospect of transitioning to an electronic document management system can be daunting. “More eRegulatory Experiences: Embracing a Paperless Process” presents insight from two professionals on the process of moving from paper-based systems to the Complion document management platform. In the article, Dustin Caldwell of OptiMed Research and Neal Surasky of Chesapeake Research Group share the details of the decisions made and obstacles encountered as they severed their tethers to... More »

    More eRegulatory Experiences: Embracing...
  • Steps to Paperless Research Sites: Creating Certified Copies & More

    Whether you’ve taken the first steps toward a paperless clinical trial environment, or are still contemplating that very important transformation, you will want to take advantage of a new resource now available from Complion. "Steps to Paperless Clinical Trials: Creating Certified Copies and More" presents insight and expertise from Betsy Fallen, a regulatory and clinical process consultant, on using information technology to tame the paper beast that threatens efficiency and productivity at clinical research sites. Learn valuable tips and how-to steps to help your site transform to digital, including: Printing and Scanning - If a born... More »

    Steps to Paperless Research Sites: Creat...
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  • University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Abstract Awarded 1st Place for 10th Annual AACI CRI Meeting July 3, 2018 2:39pm

    As recently announced by the Association of American Cancer Institutes, an abstract created in a collaboration by the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute and Complion has been awarded first place by the AACI CRI steering committee and selected to be presented in formal sessions at the 10th Annual AACI Clinical Research Initiative Meeting, July 11-12, in Chicago. Selected from among a record 68 submissions, the winning entry, “Building a Strong Foundation: How Leveraging Cross Collaborat...
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  • Smart Decisions Behind a Successful FDA Inspection with eRegulatory June 26, 2018 12:30pm

    New Case Study Offers Insight into an FDA Inspection from a Research Site using eRegulatory If you find yourself standing on a railroad track, you can expect that at some point you’ll hear the distant whistle and rumble of an oncoming train. At that moment the smart decision is to step off the track in preparation of the train’s arrival. For clinical research sites, FDA inspections are a bit like an oncoming train. They don’t whistle or rumble, but you know they are coming. You just do...
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  • Clinical Site Regulatory Processes: The Case for Standards June 18, 2018 9:00am

    “Uncontrolled variation is the enemy of quality.” -- William Edwards Deming The concept of standards is not new. People throughout time, in all eras, geographies, and industries have looked to create standards as a way to improve efficiency and reduce variance of outcomes. For instance, King Henry I of England standardized measurement in 1120 AD by instituting the ell, which was equivalent to the length of his arm. Another example is that the Egyptians were the first to develop the 365...
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  • 5 Crucial Considerations for Selecting a CTMS May 29, 2018 9:00am

    The best word to describe the day of a clinical research coordinator would probably be ‘hectic’. Working at a clinical research site can be stressful; from managing patient appointments to tracking study documents, professionals tools designed to simplify tasks and improve productivity are critical. A clinical trial management system (CTMS) can streamline the daily activities and boost the overall financial health of clinical research site. By providing your research site with a CTMS, you c...
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  • Leveraging eRegulatory to Improve Remote Monitoring May 3, 2018 9:57am

    In this day and age, we are surrounded by technology. Everywhere you look, people are checking their phones in an effort to stay connected to their friends, family and workplace. In the clinical research world, advancements in technology represent an opportunity to improve efficiency. Remote monitoring is included in this category, enabling sponsors and CROs convenient access to site documentation. From Burden to Opportunity Remote monitoring technology initiated by sponsors often inflicts...
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  • Mightier than the Sword, but Killing Efficiency March 12, 2018 11:06am

    New Webinar Examines Opportunities to Streamline Regulatory Processes with eSignatures A pen is great for jotting down a quick reminder on a sticky note. Pens make great gifts for associates, and are inexpensive and effective swag at business conferences. You probably have a drawer full of pens in your desk, and at this very moment a pen may be staining your shirt. But that innocuous, ink-filled stick nestled in your shirt pocket can be an enormous obstacle to productivity and efficiency for yo...
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