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Clinical Conductor CTMS

Clinical Trial Management Systems

Clinical Conductor CTMS

Clinical Conductor CTMS, offered by Bio-Optronics, is the premier family of clinical trial management systems for clinical research professionals. Solving today’s most challenging problems, Clinical Conductor CTMS is the proven research project management tool used by over 1,700 research organizations around the world.

Standalone research sites benefit from Clinical Conductor Site CTMS and its versatile tools designed specifically for the needs of sites. Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS provides AMCs, SMOs, CROs and provider networks the tools, communication and transparency that is needed for trial success.

Clinical Conductor CTMS ensures regulatory compliance, improves study execution speed, collects more accurate data and increases your profitability, all from the very first day. Our compassionate and expert team of service specialists and engineers are there to support you and continually deliver enhancements, customizations and integrations to meet your specific needs.

Bio-Optronics, Inc. is a market leader in healthcare technology with over 29 years of industry experience working with healthcare and life sciences organizations. Bio-Optronics produces a variety of products aimed at meeting the specific needs of healthcare professionals looking to enhance their business operations. Bio-Optronics and its products are recognized for consistent, unparalleled service and support that continuously ensures all products exceed both client and market needs.

For more information about how Clinical Conductor CTMS can help you, please visit our website: http://bio-optronics.com/ctms/ or contact us via sales@bio-optronics.com.


  • Clinical Conductor CTMS

    Clinical Conductor CTMS is the only clinical trial managament system designed to accommodate the unique needs of your organization. Revolutionize the way you conduct your clinical research.

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    Clinical Conductor CTMS


  • Clinical Conductor CTMS
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