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Bioclinica is divided into three business segments so that we can provide expert service and multifaceted technologies.

Our Medical Imaging and Biomarkers segment includes an Imaging Core Lab, a Cardiovascular Safety division, and a Biomarker Laboratory.

Our eHealth segment comprises an eClinical Solutions Division along with Safety and Regulatory Solutions.

Under the Global Clinical Research segment, we offer a network of research sites, patient recruitment, and a post-approval research division.


News: Bioclinica blogs 
  • To Thorough QT or Not to Thorough QT – That is the question September 21, 2017 2:09pm

    Thanks to scientific advancements and increased understanding of pathways and systems that contribute to cardiac risk, the cardiac safety ECG environment continues to mature and expand. Presently, the assessment of QT/QTc from the electrocardiogram is the primary focal endpoint in cardiac safety. Examining the progress made over the past decade takes me back to 2006 when early discussions around implementation of ICH E14 guidance were taking place. It was at DIA's annual conference that year wh...
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  • Upcoming Webinar: Clinical Payments Case Studies: Improving Efficiency, Cash Management, and Compliance September 19, 2017 8:28am

    Join us for our upcoming webinar on September 26th during which Bioclinica expert, Lorie McClain, Vice President of Product Management, Product Development & Technology, will present and discuss case studies providing insight into how improvements in clinical payments can make your clinical trials more efficient, while improving your cash management and compliance. Site satisfaction remains an important consideration in all clinical trials. At the same time, trial sponsors and CROs benefit...
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  • Optimizing the Approach to IRT Customization September 7, 2017 8:20am

    The clinical randomization and supply chain management systems we now dub “IRT” were initially built as fully customized IT projects, individualized and implemented separately for each study. While the processes have improved since then and some IRT providers are now using systems designed for more configurability, the mindset of customizing IRT systems for each study persists. Sponsors have developed a level of comfort with this approach and also benefit in their ability to define the func...
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  • Upcoming Webinar: How Innovations in Data Visualization Are Accelerating Data Cleaning and Improving Quality September 5, 2017 8:03am

    Join us for our upcoming webinar on September 18th during which Karen McPoyle, Director of Data Strategy & Solutions at Bioclinica, Inc., will present and discuss the importance of ensuring completed and clean activities for each patient, to achieve a successful and timely database (DB) lock. DB lock is one of the most important milestones in any trial and requires tracking of activity completion and cleaning (coding, external data reconciliation, query status, etc.) for each patient. This...
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  • Congressman Patrick Meehan Visits Bioclinica August 31, 2017 2:05pm

    Congressman Meehan and Bioclinica CEO John Hubbard at recent visit to Bioclinica's Audubon offices Bioclinica was honored to host Congressman Patrick Meehan representing the 7th Congressional District in Pennsylvania in a visit to our Audubon, Pennsylvania offices on August 28. Congressman Meehan met with Bioclinica senior leadership, including our CEO Dr. John Hubbard, who is the 2017 Chairman of the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO), joined by ACRO Executive Director Doug...
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  • Four Steps to Creating a Roadmap to ICH E6 R2 Compliance August 29, 2017 2:49pm

    Since the release of ICH E6 R2 in November 2016, we have been flooded with opportunities to attend and view webinars, seminars and blogs on the topic. While extremely educational, these industry-led learning sessions rarely provide sponsors or CROs with what you so desperately need… a practical guide to creating a roadmap to compliance. While Regulatory Affairs (RA) and Quality Assurance (QA) departments have likely read these new guidelines, holistic organizational education and awareness of...
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